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Racquet and paddle manufacturers are playing with materials that are changing the face of tennis and pickleball. Without doing a nose dive into the abyss of each Yonex, Wilson, Selkirk, Babolat, Joola, Head Penn all offer something special. The remedy is simply...take it for a test drive and join a comprehensive demo program, like that at Tennis Station Burlingame. Once your in here are the tried and true key tips in making your demo time count on court.

  1. Warmup well before determining a racquets or paddles value. Be loose and take time.

  2. Demo a racquet with people that are familiar with your game. Make your play predictable so you can feel the difference.

  3. Run through the same routine with each racquet.

  1. Make the most out of your time with a demo racquet or paddle.

  2. Let your demo retailer know your feedback

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