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String Can Move the Needle

Whether you’re a hard-hitting baseline player or a crafty net crusher, the bonus of quality strings is  undeniable. There are several common categories to consider when choosing your strings. 

Natural Gut is deemed as having  excellent playability, balance of power, control, and comfort. It also offers great feel and touch, making it a popular choice among advanced players and those who suffer from elbow or shoulder discomfort.  In a complex process, Gut strings are made for elasticity, tension, stability and liveliness. Due to its  high price, gut is not recommended for the average recreational player. Keep in mind, it's not very durable and can be sensitive to temperature changes.

Another popular string is the  Multifilament.  It is best for overall playability and is gentle on the arm, but is still punishing to your opponent.  It holds tension fairly well, but is at risk of frying.   A good category of string when you're looking for arm friendly, power and control.

Polyester strings are gaining popularity with intermediate and advanced players looking for power and performance. The downside of playing with a stiff string option is that it brings excessive vibration that can  risk injury. Required frequent restringing makes polyester a less budget-friendly  option.

Coaches and players can't deny Synthetic Gut is a staple on court for recreational and club level players. With excellent durability, these strings provide consistent tension, allowing you to play at your best for longer periods.. The price point is spot on and it has great longevity.

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